Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Super K - Recurring Nightmare 7''

This one-off group occurred when Brad Shepherd teamed up with former Hitmen member and fellow flatmate, Clyde Bramley (bass guitar) to record a single "Go Go" / "Recurring Nightmare" (1982).  Followers of this blog have already tasted Brad's previous band (The Fun Things) and may well be wondering "what happened next"?  This single is now very hard to get and will probably never see the light of day in CD or official digital format.  So we may need to make do with a Wired and Wasted conversion.  Better than nothing.

Download Single  


  1. Nice to read this background information about Super K. Was going through some old vinyl 7" from way back and found I had this. They must have played it on WHRW or some other student run station. It's the kind of sound I was into, so if I heard it once, it makes sense that I got the single.

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