Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Numbers - Sunset Strip 7''

Hailing from Brisbane (Queensland), The Numbers caught everyone's attention in 1978.  Then (after this single) ... nothing.  They morphed into the Riptides and hit paydirt (of sorts).  But this first single is essential.  Pure gold.

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Radio Birdman - Burn My Eye EP

More Aussie greatness (the cover sez it all).  So many fond memories of this release from 1976.  Hey - here we are in 2014 and Radio Birdman are doing a re-union tour.  They have re-ished all their stuff in a box set.  Just get it - but listen to this (their first recorded output) first.

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The Saints - (I'm) Stranded 7''

Could this be the greatest punk single of all time?  Released in 1976, many critics at the time thought it was.  Either way, it's probably my favourite.  Well done Brisbane (Queensland, Australia).

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