Thursday, April 2, 2015

Corpse Grinders - I Eat Babies & I'm Goin' Crazy

This is the Australian Corpse grinders - the band before Intoxica.  Great name, great band.  These 7'' singles share a common song '7 and 7 is' - a cover version from everyone's favourite band, Love (Arthur Lee).  BUT, the thing is, this song (as it appears on these singles) is by The Olympic Sideburns!  Partners in crime you could say.  The singles were released simultaneously and are probably as rare as hen's teeth.  Did either band release anything else?  Yup - further blog entries will hopefully contain further releases (from both bands).  Stay tuned, but any further info would be greatly appreciated.

Download "I'm Goin' Crazy"
Download "I Eat Babies"


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sunnyboys - Wildcat (1989)

Much maligned post-Sunnyboys album by ... Sunnyboys.  Essentially the band disintegrated after their third album and Jeremy Oxley rejigged this lineup.  Hey - I really like it.  Betcha it's not going to be a part of their latest reissue program.  It sells for silly $$ but not if you get the download here!

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