Saturday, March 21, 2015

Intoxica - Collected

Intoxica are an Aussie band and they play dirty Rock n' Roll.  OK, some will be quick to dub them as Psychobilly.  Are they wrong, not really.  It would also be cool to call them Garage or Punk or Rockabilly or ...  whatever, they cover all tags (not Rap though - phew!).

Spewing forth from the ashes of The Corpse Grinders in 1987, they have been able to release three albums: 'Self Titled', 'Suburban Roulette' and 'Drag Stripper'.  They're included in this blog entry.  A number of singles have been released - I do not have any of these so the word "collected" is an obvious (intentional) flaw.  However, I do have the first single from the Corpse Grinders and I will blog this later.  Note also that their first LP (Self Titled) was the first release from Shock Records (SHOCK LP 001!!).  Shock are a giant of Australian independent releases.

Check out the covers, they give a hint as to what is contained within.  Sort of like The Cramps - that's the best comparison that I can make.

Download each (or all)


  1. This is so awesome, I feel blessed that I happened upon your page.

  2. Thanks , I had the first LP (Self Titled) and stupidly lent it to someone. ( and that was the last I saw of it ). An all time classic. Paul.

  3. What about the first 4 songs on the album ?
    (They are missing)

  4. Damn, I miss The Cramps. Thanks, I'm grabbing these.