Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mutants of Desire - L.T.D. (Cassette)

Perth band from the post-halycon punk days.  Great live band but no album proper ever released.  They could do with a re-ish campaign methinks.

In the meantime, you'll have to make do with all that I have - this cassette release, a split cassette with The Bamboos and their single.

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Mutants Of Desire - Split Cassette (with The Bamboos)

Half the cassette is MOD, with the other half being the Bamboos. Only the tracks from MOD included here - all the Bamboos stuff has been re-ished.

Download MOD tracks

Mutants Of Desire - Rich Boys-So Hard 7''

These tracks double up with the L.T.D. release but the completist in me insists that this single is blogged.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Screaming Believers - Communist Mutants From Space

The Screaming Believers hailed from Adelaide and released this album in 1985.  I have fond memories of seeing this band live and enjoying this album - a lot.

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Screaming Believers - Refugees From The Love Generation

Second release (1988) - equally as good as the first.  They also released a bunch of singles (four?) with most of the tracks included on these two LP's - except for the B-Sides. 

If anyone can help out with these singles - it would be MUCH appreciated.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Butcher Shop - Pump Action

Full on Rock n Roll with a Tex Perkins twist. 

The cover suggests that these guys are tongue in cheek.  Well, it is after all Sir Tex.  Everything he does is not taken too seriously - that's a good thing.  More of it I say.

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The Butcher Shop - Hard For You EP

Much sought after release from 1988 featuring Tex Perkins & Co.  Contains the classic song 'Hard For You', which was also released by one of Tex's other bands: The Beasts Of Bourbon.

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