Monday, July 2, 2018

The Terraplanes - Toke

This is the Australian Terraplanes.  Their 'album' is really a mini-LP in the 12'' format.  Tight R&R sound but not much info out there about this band.  I'm sure someone may be able to rectify that in the comments section.


The Terraplanes - A Sides 7''

No idea where I got this single from - it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere.  In the liner notes they refer to 'Toke' so it must have come after that album.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Terraplanes (aka Animals & Men) - Terraplane Fixation

Animals & Men was version 1 (Tracks 1-9) then they morphed into the UK version of The Terraplanes (remaining tracks in this compilation.


Terraplanes - Evil Going On 7''

Pretty weird and wacky cover to their only single.  I'd say there's some evil going on but it ain't hip.  This is the UK band.  The Aussie band are entirely different.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Street Kid Vandal (aka Elroy) - Here It Comes EP

Saw this band live in the late 90's.  In Yeppoon, of all places (that's between the fork and knife).  They slotted into a spot at the Village Arts Festival and were the absolute standouts.  I think one of their members came from the area (Rockhampton).  For me, their music was drastically overlooked.  Bands that change their name midstream (from Elroy to Street Kid Vandal) seem doomed to failure.  

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Street Kid Vandal - Cool As The Dead EP

Cool As The Dead seems like an apt title (in hindsight).  Real pity that after this they called it quits. 

In this download, I have included an 'unreleased' mp3 file that I found on Youtube.  Some of their members ended up in Melbourne and formed Dirty York.  It's worth your while chasing down their stuff.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

West Compilation

Handy little compilation of 1982 West Australian 'punk' artists (Manikins, Rockets, Invaders, Eurogliders, The Nobodies etc).

Of interest to me is the inclusion of The Hot Biscuit Band.  They would often play at our school socials and I have fond memories of them playing 'Running Bear'.  Should I have disclosed that!

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