Thursday, April 2, 2015

Corpse Grinders - I Eat Babies & I'm Goin' Crazy

This is the Australian Corpse grinders - the band before Intoxica.  Great name, great band.  These 7'' singles share a common song '7 and 7 is' - a cover version from everyone's favourite band, Love (Arthur Lee).  BUT, the thing is, this song (as it appears on these singles) is by The Olympic Sideburns!  Partners in crime you could say.  The singles were released simultaneously and are probably as rare as hen's teeth.  Did either band release anything else?  Yup - further blog entries will hopefully contain further releases (from both bands).  Stay tuned, but any further info would be greatly appreciated.

Download "I'm Goin' Crazy"
Download "I Eat Babies"



  1. Great post haven't heard this for years but coming up with:
    "The link you are attempting to access has expired. Please contact the FileShare™ Link owner if you need further assistance."
    ... bummer.

  2. Please try again Bazzil. It's certainly A OK from this end. I have absolutely o idea why you have drawn a blank at your time of downloading. This happens a lot - it may be a 'filesanywhere' thing, your area, ISP's ... either way, it's very frustrating. Please get back to me again when I'm sure you will get the download. I have done nothing from my end.

  3. Hi, I just tried it again with no problems.
    Thanks for some great music. I just got the Fast cars Stuff too (I do Have it all but it saves me digitising it myself)
    If there's any other old Australian stuff you are looking for give me a yell, I might be able to help.


  4. OK - will do. At this stage I'm trying to get Aussie punk singles, casettes and hard to get stuff out there. It's taking too long!!

  5. Wow, more! I can't that you enough. And thank you for all your other stuff too, what a wicked collection of wonderful stuff.

  6. Hey W&W, any chance of a re-up of these corpse grinders releases (only ever had a live album of theirs)? Cheers, Kris.
    BTW- alot or all the links after this post have expired (just a heads up)

    1. The links are all OK. They don't expire as I have them located on filesanywhere and pay for their storage (permanent).

      Please try again - the problem lies at your end with your ISP.

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