Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun Things - When The Birdmen Flew 7''

In 1980, the Fun Things released one helluva EP.  Obviously taking their cue from Radio Birdman, this was their one and only release.  After it's release, Brad Shepherd joined The Hitmen and Le Hoodoo Gurus.  His brother, Murray Shepherd formed The Screaming Tribesmen.  So, all we have is this one extremely collectible item.  That's it - you'll play this a lot.

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  1. Greatest in-yer-face down-and-dirty punk ever. Forms the heart of that great collection MURDER PUNK. Had no idea this was their entire output.

  2. It's a darn pity. But I guess they were doomed to their final end. Many saw them as simply aping Radio Birdman. It probably stopped them going any further. Who knows?