Friday, August 30, 2013

Rude Kids - Safe Society

Much sought after release.  Never seen the light of day with a CD reish so you'll have to make do with this OKish conversion from LP to cassette then MP3.  Despite this, you will be hooked.  Don't pay silly $$ on ebay (that's even if you're lucky enough to see a copy) download here and rock-on.

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  1. ... and darn hard to get. It really is a classic. Wonder if it will ever get an official re-ish?

  2. thie entire catalogue was reissued on cd over 15 years ago, though all the tracks were juggled around...

    love all yr blogs... keep it up!

  3. Well ... there you go. Didn't know that. I've now found the CD reissue and have bought a copy. MANY thanks.

  4. thank you for all the awesomeness!