Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Rockets (Aus) - Single and Cassette

The cassette only release from The Rockets filtered out when this Perth band called it quits (Feb 1983?).  Never seen it released anywhere (nor on the net for that matter).  The band were very big in Perth and everyone knew about their cover of 'Rockaway Beach'.

They featured Roddy Ray'da and Boris Sudjovic (Scientists, Cheap Nasties etc) - highly regarded dudes.  The lead singer (Alan Stewart) had a bulk unique voice and the guitarist (Peter Johnson) was darn powerful.

They also released a single 'Mean Mistress/Little Donna' (included here) - the A Side is pretty well much one of my favorite singles of all time (big call - it's really that good!).  Have also included the track 'Automatic' from the compilation LP 'West' (put out by local radio station 6PR).

Also in the can could be some live bootlegs if I get my act together.  By the by, there is also a VHS live concert floating around that's worth checking out if you're a fan.  This is a tragically overlooked band (especially live) - 'bout time something official was released methinks.

Download Cassette release + Single


  1. Are there any Youtube vids around of them?

  2. I do have a live video of theirs that I converted from VHS to avi. I think the band recorded it and it had a limited release on video. I also have a few bootlegs.

  3. This is really super, thanks for this. I've been rolling around this site and your other one for like 3 hours haha...

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